What is the Prayer Team?

What is the Prayer Team?

Prayer Team members are Christian volunteers from a variety of local churches and denominations who pray while the Town Pastors are patrolling the streets.

Bury Town Pastors are supported by a large Prayer Team. Every night when the Town Pastors are out on the streets, members of the Prayer Team are also busy between 10.00pm and 4.00am.

Some Prayer Team members are on a rota to pray for an hour each throughout the night, in their own homes.

Other Prayer Team members are on a rota to meet at the Town Pastors’ base in the town centre to pray throughout the night, to support the Town Pastors and to supply the Town Pastors with much needed tea, coffee and toast on their occasional breaks.

Why do we need a Prayer Team?

We believe effective prayer cover is vital for the Town Pastor initiative; without prayer the Town Pastors would not go out.

In addition to the Prayer Team, each Town Pastor has two personal prayer partners to support them in prayer.