What’s it like being a Town Pastor?

Comments from Town Pastors

“As someone who lives in the Bury St Edmunds town centre, I wanted to do something–nothing heroic–but something about the vulnerability and trouble and loneliness and carelessness that I come across by day and night. This is my town. These are my neighbours. While serving as a Town Pastor, I’m able to exhibit the love and concern of Jesus to people that may otherwise be without a physical Christian witness on a night out or while sleeping rough. I’m able to answer the endless “Why do you do this?” with “Because I love you.” To say it, and show it; that’s a privilege that words fall short of expressing.”

‘As a Town Pastor, I love being part of a work that unites Christians from many different churches. Meeting up with them on shift and in the prayer base is always good and usually fun.

I have never felt fear while out on the streets as I know our prayer team is covering us and God is with us. It’s encouraging to see many answers to prayer.

Although we come across some very sad situations, there are many comical ones and it’s always nice when someone comes up to us and gives us a ‘high 5’ of appreciation!’

‘Being a Town Pastor has helped me grow as a Christian and helped me talk about my faith with people at work and my life outside the church’.