Bury Town Pastors are dependent on grants and donations in order to operate, providing a caring presence on the streets of Bury St Edmunds on Friday and Saturday nights.

We are very grateful for grants recently received from:
  • Crime and Disorder Reduction Grant from Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner
  • Locality Budget Grant from Cllr Jo Rayner and Cllr Andrew Speed
  • Suffolk Community Foundation through The Shadwell Fund
  • Community Grant from ASDA
We are very grateful for donations recently received from:
  • Churches in Bury St Edmunds and surrounding area
  • Individuals, organisations and businesses
  • Unique Bars Ltd – Flex Nightclub
  • Bury St Edmunds Round Table
  • St Eds Unique Bars Running Festival 2017 and sponsorship raised by individual entrants
  • Donations in memory of the late Lilian Olive Markham
Our thanks also go to:
  • Unique Bars Ltd (Flex, Karooze, So Bar and The Gym) for emergency supplies of bottled water during Town Pastor shifts.
  • Haversports for organising the St Eds Running Festival, held in October 2017 to raise funds for Bury Town Pastors and My WiSH Charity; Unique Bars Ltd for sponsoring the event; Abbeycroft Leisure, Knights Lowe and Kent Blaxill for sponsoring individual races; Snackpax Distribution Ltd for providing provisions for the event.
  • ‘Our Bury St Edmunds’ for providing portable phone chargers for Town Pastors to carry while on patrol.
  • ‘Our Bury St Edmunds’ for providing new earpieces for Town Pastor radios.

Bury Town Pastors are extremely grateful for grants and donations received from so many sources since 2008.

  • Churches in Bury St Edmunds and surrounding area
  • ASDA, Bury St Edmunds
  • The Mayor’s Budget (Councillor Julia Wakelam)
  • Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner
  • The High Sheriff’s Fund
  • The Suffolk Giving Fund
  • The Shadwell Fund
  • Donations in memory of the late Donald Clarke
  • The Suffolk Fund
  • The Safer Suffolk Partnership Board
  • Suffolk Police
  • High Sheriff’s Organisation of the Year Award 2010
  • Councillor Mark Ereira – Locality Budget
  • The Safer Suffolk Foundation
  • Waitrose Community Matters Scheme
  • Suffolk Single Gateway
  • The Suffolk Foundation Grassroots Grants
  • The West Suffolk Community Safety Partnership

Our thanks also go to:

  • Individuals, organisations and businesses who have supported Bury Town Pastors financially.
  • ‘Our Bury St Edmunds’ for providing a portable external hard drive.
  • Flex Nightclub for providing bottled water and Freddos.
  • Club Brazilia for providing Freddos.
  • Bid4Bury for providing uniforms for new Town Pastors.
  • Bid4Bury for providing Bury Town Pastors with a laptop computer.
  • Sainsbury’s, Bury St Edmunds for providing a month’s supply of bottled water and a year’s supply of small packets of tissues.