Bury Town Pastors are dependent on grants and donations in order to operate, providing a caring presence on the streets of Bury St Edmunds on Friday and Saturday nights.

We are very grateful for grants recently received from:
  • Crime and Disorder Reduction Grant from Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner
  • Locality Budget Grant from Cllr Jo Rayner and Cllr Andrew Speed
  • Suffolk Community Foundation through The Shadwell Fund
  • Community Grant from ASDA
We are very grateful for donations recently received from:
  • Churches in Bury St Edmunds and surrounding area
  • Individuals, organisations and businesses
  • Unique Bars Ltd – Flex Nightclub
  • Bury St Edmunds Round Table
  • St Eds Unique Bars Running Festival 2017 and sponsorship raised by individual entrants
  • Donations in memory of the late Lilian Olive Markham
Our thanks also go to:
  • Unique Bars Ltd (Flex, Karooze, So Bar and The Gym) for emergency supplies of bottled water during Town Pastor shifts.
  • Haversports for organising the St Eds Running Festival, held in October 2017 to raise funds for Bury Town Pastors and My WiSH Charity; Unique Bars Ltd for sponsoring the event; Abbeycroft Leisure, Knights Lowe and Kent Blaxill for sponsoring individual races; Snackpax Distribution Ltd for providing provisions for the event.
  • ‘Our Bury St Edmunds’ for providing portable phone chargers for Town Pastors to carry while on patrol.

Bury Town Pastors are extremely grateful for grants and donations received from so many sources since 2008.

  • Churches in Bury St Edmunds and surrounding area
  • ASDA, Bury St Edmunds
  • The Mayor’s Budget (Councillor Julia Wakelam)
  • Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner
  • The High Sheriff’s Fund
  • The Suffolk Giving Fund
  • The Shadwell Fund
  • Donations in memory of the late Donald Clarke
  • The Suffolk Fund
  • The Safer Suffolk Partnership Board
  • Suffolk Police
  • High Sheriff’s Organisation of the Year Award 2010
  • Councillor Mark Ereira – Locality Budget
  • The Safer Suffolk Foundation
  • Waitrose Community Matters Scheme
  • Suffolk Single Gateway
  • The Suffolk Foundation Grassroots Grants
  • The West Suffolk Community Safety Partnership

Our thanks also go to:

  • Individuals, organisations and businesses who have supported Bury Town Pastors financially.
  • ‘Our Bury St Edmunds’ for providing a portable external hard drive.
  • Flex Nightclub for providing bottled water and Freddos.
  • Club Brazilia for providing Freddos.
  • Bid4Bury for providing uniforms for new Town Pastors.
  • Bid4Bury for providing Bury Town Pastors with a laptop computer.
  • Sainsbury’s, Bury St Edmunds for providing a month’s supply of bottled water and a year’s supply of small packets of tissues.