What’s it like being a Home Prayer Team member?

Comments from Prayer Team members who pray at home

‘Why am I a prayer team member? Who wants to get up at midnight or 2am for an hour? Not me! I prefer to get up at 2am for two hours which is much more worthwhile and, once I’ve set the alarm for 1.50am, it’s actually quite easy. Bizarre as it is, I stagger out at the urgency of the alarm and, from there, it’s all automatic. I’m captive for 2 hours and there’s usually a lot going on to pray about. I contact the people at base and again at 3am for an update. I can follow a brief episode in a few people’s lives and it’s rewarding. I’m part of an enterprise which sees people being helped (hopefully; the scenarios vary a lot of course). Sleep is disrupted but not by much. I go to bed slightly earlier and get up slightly later. Give it a go.’

‘As an older person, unable or unsuitable to be a Town Pastor, being a Prayer Team member is a way of being involved in Bury night life, and knowing what goes on. It is a way of seeing and hearing of prayers being answered. It can and should be challenging to be involved.’

‘I have thoroughly enjoyed linking with and praying for the Town Pastors and have found it to be a rewarding privilege.’

‘Praying at home is a sacrifice I gladly make to support the Town Pastors and the team in base. My time with the Prayer Team has opened my eyes to the challenging situations the Town Pastors have to cope with, and I realise just how important it is for them to be covered by prayer.’